Minimalist Impact is a range of  eco-friendly jewellery and gifts designed and created by myself, it is currently only available via my etsy store but will soon have its own purpose built  website

Minimalist Impact

We understand that we can't save the earth by ourselves, that's why we created Minimalist Impact, we hope to set an example and to provide the means and inspiration to be 'eco friendly' at a fair price.
We realise that buying a product made from 'new' materials will never be truly eco friendly, sure producing it may be less harmful to the environment than the regular brand version but it still comes at a cost. The world already has enough things that we don't need and we shouldn't have to strip it bare or poison it to create new 'stuff'. At Minimalist Impact we create products from reclaimed materials, items that have already served their purpose and have been discarded, we take them and we transform them into something new.